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Horray for Teamwork!

2008-07-14 02:43:02 by szafranko

Wooh finally everythings coming togethar


Right now i have a guy working on a few theme songs for the series i am trying to start ofcourse being doritos.. he already showed me he can make good stuff with his song he wrote for my rough copy of the first episode song Here ( song )
and then the preview for what's to come is Here ( Video )

Along with this theme song being made i got a person who is going to animation college in st.clairs .. my sister :3 she actually has skill and well she's going to look at the character design and improve it for your viewing pleasure

Now im waiting for theme song and then the art part... and once i have it all together im going to work on final copy this one though is going to have 3 sides of the dorito taht you can choose ( i just have to figure out buttons ) anyways it will actually be like a menu not just auto going like the flash video above also if my music dude has any time left over he might make personal themes for each episode which will be shown when you click to choose and i guess i could have a 30 second animatino for a theme song for each so yeah

Well this is the last post im giong to put until the flash comes out and i have ALOT of work ahead of me.. it's going to take maybe a good month to get it all togethar since i want to actually take time with all of this and do my best and show i can excell :)

So this being last time i post for a while and i still have to think of ideas for the other 2 sides of the dorito i'd like to ask whoever is reading this to submit their own COMEDIC storyline of the other 2 sides of the chip Bold and sweet

SPOILER ALERT - below is a spoiler of what my ideas are for the bold and sweet sides if anyone as their own which they think are better/funnier then please submit them with a comment

I already have some idea but they would be substantually shorter then the spicy and i dont want that my ideas are for bold he gets an adredaline pump and just goes BESERK... or... he becomes like a mafia hit guy all tough and serious both kinda relate me to bold... mean while the little chips inside the bag just kind of sneek out and walk off screen while this happens givnig you somthing else to look at somhow i have to relate this to bold

And for sweet we got a guy who eats the chip then when told wtf u doing.. he tries to spit it out... it's all mushy and he tries puting it back togethar... and gets all emotinoal the miniature dorito and him hug and stuff getting emotinoal and maybe if i dont get a better idea a funeral for the chip he ate where they cry togethar and then somone in back will go.. aww how sweet

SPOILER ALERT - above is a spoiler of what my ideas are for the bold and sweet sides if anyone as their own which they think are better/funnier then please submit them with a comment

Well thats it eventually i will write another but that is why this is so long because there wont be another for a good while.. if you have any ideas relating to my animation or seris or just any questions about future projects please submit a comment and i hope you will enjoy what i'm spending so much time on...

Thanks for Reading


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