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What Side Will you Choose?

2008-07-19 10:44:48 by szafranko

Well I thought i wouldn't write anything new for a while.. But here goes

So right now i have supermusic working on theme song, so far he made one attempt which was Doritos (wtf) but it wasn't to my likeing as a theme song, as a normal song I EFFIN LOVED IT , infact i'm going to base a later episode after i finish my project which is...

Doritos What side Will You Choose? i already have the interactive menu where you choose each side and hopefully a resulting video will play lol if not then it will be a pretty menu xD, anyways ... before you even get to menu there is going to be the theme song and a flash video based around it so hopefully that'll be amazing xD ... and what else... OH ok, each side i want their own song maybe depending on what supermusic did.. but if not im sure i can whip somthing shitty up :)

Naow... im also trying to do a doritos loader... :) so keep your fingers crossed on that bad boy :P


Sweet and bold ideas...

IF anyone has ANY ideas relating to what i will do for those sides... then write me a comment or send me a pm ... i have some ideas but since i havn't started i'm open to all and any suggestions
Note: you will get your name in credits if your idea is used


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