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2008-07-25 19:52:46 by szafranko

Well guys, ok about previous posts about the up coming doritos seris im working on, right now i cant do them...because of three problems

One my music guy is going on vacation until august 18 and cant work on anything til august 25 and i want the song before i can do animation so that it's timed perfectly im notinto the other way of.. w.e blah blah anyways

Problem number 2 is.. i'll be going on vacation on friday, for a week or maybe two.. :)

and finally third problem is i gots me a job... and soo even if i was working on it's goign to take time because sadly along with a job i have a life :) lol

Now if you want to help with doritos you can do a few things,

such as...
1.) any music about doritos is welcome i might be able to use it as a short clip or maybe credits or if it's better then my main music guy's then could be used for theme song :D
2.) Pictures and/or character deisgns relating to doritos, dorito characters, backrounds, etc.
3.) idea's i already have ideas for the next few episodes... so i dont need ideas, BUT if you have any then i'd love to hear them you enver know if i love them

Above , if your willing to help with any of these and your contribution is used in series you will be in credits, authors comments and etc, So send a comment or a pm and i'll get back to you :)


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2008-07-25 19:53:26


szafranko responds:

lmao what?!


2008-07-25 19:54:24

Inbefore Yrtnej

szafranko responds:

i'm so confused


2008-07-25 19:54:25


szafranko responds:

... i get it now


2008-07-25 19:57:35

Want to join in?

szafranko responds:

lol nah sadly i have things to do -.- but loks like mucho fun :)


2008-07-25 19:58:55

It sure is!

szafranko responds:

lol so you guys dont even read these?...


2008-07-25 20:07:28

We read them AFTER.

szafranko responds:

sure ye do ;)


2008-07-25 20:09:22

Music about Doritos? Good luck finding some. I knwo some music about BURRITOS though.

szafranko responds:

lmao what songs are about burritos?


2008-07-25 20:17:54 The size of my Burrito. It's about a guy who is intimidated by the size of his burrito

szafranko responds: