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2008-08-24 00:16:11 by szafranko

mm, im gettin pretty lazy, and no theme song happenin .. at the moment plus work and schools comin bak, dono if im up for doritos unless their happens to be a type of future goal that i need to make somting like this in say my communications class.. then sure why the fuck not :D but... if not theres a 50/50 chance im gunna do it still or not.. Note : to supermusic dosnt mean i dont want the doritos music, cuz if i dont do doritos now im gunna do them eventually next break i get like christmas, march, next summer, Ect. maybe work on it over weekends whoknows


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2008-08-29 13:08:36

whens the next doritos coming, tell supermusic i said, i not talking to him cause he never comes on anymore, or returns my mail


2008-08-29 13:08:56

i said hi, lol, srry

szafranko responds:

lol, well he's not comin on, soo theme songs non existant, so it's not coming til i get that so i can make a video to that, aaandd... the whole things well im doin skool at the moment, learning stuff in comm. tech so i might intergrate some shit once i get through this, but basically it's on hold for now, :( also i've been playing Castle Crashers which is fuckin awesome!, and i love it... sooo lmao yeah :D


2008-10-21 17:53:40

damn right ur getting lazy, i might leave NG . idk the experience hasnt been wat i expected, lol