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Time Fcuk Time Fcuk

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


So many things to say about this so i dont know where to start but here i go..

First off the gameplay of the puzzle levels are great it keeps u always thinking especially with the layers so tahts a great job.

The store line is where i simply get blown away though.
like steve?.. the good and bad.. i played the story line twice and got 2 diffrent sets of levels.. was it because the faster i went the harder they got? the very first time i was slow so the rest might have been easier i dont know how it works between choosing the levels you play.

i hear theirs sets of levels ?.

Alot of things that the guy(s) on the right say and ONLY 1 is solved in the good ending. where the only way to exit is to get yourself from the past to go in.

But why go in the first place.. and how?.. and steven is he you or him.. or you..? i was actually sad when he fell off i would have loved to see a clone of me fallowing my every action.

who are those other people in the beginning.. are they you after the good ending.. if so why r they sad? your free. or are they you in the box.. if so.. why arent they free?..

Finally credits about the box and mom and black marker that makes me wonder with everything open ended guessing.. Sequel?

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StormWinds:TLC StormWinds:TLC

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Alright after playing essentially the same game 3 times.. im ready for somthing new!.. and one thing i couldn't help thinking as i watched story.. and realized im still getting pwned even tho im killing everything...


To fight back :D tahts like the only way to go from here.. some type of 2 base war system where you can create a defense and offence where u can control a ship. or a turrent. obviously the ships would die but you can make more.

and the screen would scroll over to whereever the conflict is
with i gues 4 screens.. first is one persons base and if no conflict is tehre then shifts to the outskirts where only 1 turrent can be. then if no conflict it's just a mirror or the computers base.

Thats just an idea though would be the best way to go instead of just adding more turrents... which i gotta admit are quite SICK... they get old and the reload time is ...just :'(

Well thats idea anyways...

Umm the music was good. could have had sound effecst a bit better and less annoying idk how but w.e quality was very nice.. but once a BIG ship dies it laggs til is sink's off teh screen.. and next one comes

anyways other then all that Great game keep it up. hope to see next one soon.

Solar Chiefs ONLINE Solar Chiefs ONLINE

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


So you want Feed back, well heres a honest review ... It's pretty good game, you got everything basically down good, attacking, defending and escaping lol, graphics are good but heck anything that can be seen that far away usaully is good, sound... well i haven't turned on speakers while playing so i havn't a clue but i bet it's ok so thats good, but really the main reason why i didn't give 9/10 is the few issues im having with small details which could be put in to extremly help the gameplay

1. Satilites: i wanna be able to turn them so say i have a guy horizontal to me he i can turn my satilite 90 degreez and have a wall.. not just for up and down,

2. movement, when moving you have issues going off screen yes it is intended that you bounce back, but i've had ocations where one second i move under a guy and then ijust teleport above him, or the bumper will not bounce and you can go almost outa the map just your weapons and it's extremly cheap,

3. Buying and selling, theres actually 2 points for this , one is in game which is i shouldn't have to wait til im full on buildings to be able to destroy, which by the way you should actually be able to sell not destroy so you make a profit from your expensive building, also destory shouldn't destroy every single thing of that type.. thats just gay

now the outa game one, is the points you put into research, say you go ,ooo lasers you buy it and hate it?.. you wasted a research point which could have gone to upgrading a weapon... :( and that just sucks you should be able to take back points...

hmm i've had another issue but i just plain fergot :)

Good game expecting to be seeing a sequal with more buildings, fixxed annoyances above, AND MORE!... maybe customization of your little peice of land?.. who knows :)

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Detonate 2 Detonate 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars


you got lucky that this was probly the only game submitted the day u got daily feature cuz seriously you can just hold bombs on top of where they spawn, somehwat good idea though which is why i gave you a 6 you got decent graphix and the idea is ok but maybe more types of bombs and the guy who drops them is maybe offscreen?.. or unreachable?.. who knows thats for you to work on if you plan on maken a sequal..

Ragdoll Cannon 2 Ragdoll Cannon 2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

what happend dude?

ragdoll canon 1 Great hit loved it , great style and you can play on shitty comps without lag so it's good fun and great..

ragdoll cannon 1.5 sweet this must be a preview of what intense lvls ragdoll 2 will have same great style and i can play without lag..

ragdoll cannon 2 .. what?.. wheres the style i knew and loved?.. why is it laggin on my shitty comp, why dose my guy die... aww.. lame

yeah.. TAHTS BAD BTW... fix it! come out with ragdollcannon 2 REAL VERSION or somthing cuz this makes me wanna poo...

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The C word The C word

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I loved it lol, i beat it!, got gohnarria, siphillis, crabs, herpes,and aids i think tahts all of tehm? if not tell me i'll get it xD haha but seriously this is a great game and a great idea it really go stretched on though
by time u get to like second last.. thing
you start going omg... i dont wanna play this
it's so .. UGH! vaginas.. i love the facial vaginal expression you put on to each deseased vagina... especially the metapause lol my personal fav look .. but whats with the baby?... thats.. harsh lmao here come the abortion emails watch out!... all in all great graphix, great game, good gameplay, luv powerups, fun bosses, hard enemies, great i love it, make a sequal maybe the A word?..
btw what was C word for Cun****t... or.. Coc*****k ?.. hmm hmm who knows.. stilll love it pz out

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Another Epilepsy Game Another Epilepsy Game

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

wtf is this?

im sorry i dont wanna be one of thosepeople who get crazy about games... so im going to say... why.. did you get rid of the origonal game play... this one is less fun with more lag... i was thinking the second epilepsy game would just add more ways to frak your eyes out but just better gameplay.. why did you ruin this?... :( now this game one it starts getting choppy at like 20-30.. and it's easy as hell because since everything shakes.. one u can easily see the wall gaps because they shake onto teh screen before they move across... also somtimes if u go fast enough because of the chopyyness you can go through walls... which is a easier way of staying alive... sooooo.. i hope you go back to the origonal if you want to make a third...

Comic-Con 2008 Poster Comic-Con 2008 Poster

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hay is there a way to buy this poster? I totally wanna hang it up in my room lol :P

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Pandemic II Pandemic II

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

yawn fest

Good game... lota work i guess.. put into it but it's sooooooo! dam boaring they have nothing to do and you see little visuals of entertainment i mean say once u infect a area u can view how it happend of is a facility is closed you see some cartoon of it shutting down simple stuff like that ALSO wiating all day while ur desease gets evolution points is sooooooooooo boring that i took a dump came bak stil had to wait cuz it takes a week to get enough points to get better upgrades sorry to say this but gameplay sucks tits you click a button and just watch some numbers flicker around and a few texts come up about jack alll... you gotta liven it up... sure this is on front page cuz the first one was just a view of a new idea and game ppl liked now that it's 2nd they expect a great improvement sure u made it look nice add a feature or 2... but jeez like you cant go more in depth? what about zooming in EVEN MORE for say a little infection mini game while you wait for evolution points u guide your virus past White blood cells , or your a pimple virus and u choose when to burst and land on somone walking by just simple stuff that would drasticaly improove the game.. i really hope you read this because it's usefull hints it's not some crap about complaints im trying to improve a game i like.. yeah i like this i just dont like how your giving it to me when it can be so much more.... so i hope you take this and do some good with it if you need more ideas i got plenty im just lazy 2 type more .... infact fuck this im sending you this in inbox and a review just to show how much help u need

Portal: The Flash Version Portal: The Flash Version

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hey i loved the game and all No bugs what so ever.. that heat thing where u go thru it and turns on red and u get burnt is a tricky one... but anyways thats not why im writing this...

Didn't Flash portals Get nominated to go on Wii net games or somthing like that?.. as one of the most sucsessful and fun games on the web so they are considering to put it on wii-net where you can buy it for wii-points?... or was that last month and it's already on wii-net ... if so CONGRATS